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At Ray's The Roof Real Estate Investments, our property sales knowledge is top notch. We invest a great deal of time and money into marketing in order to build a solid list of cash buyers, real estate investors and wholesalers. If you want to sell your home quickly, let's evaluate your situation & explore your options. Most likely we can offer several alternatives, one of which may be the solution you have been praying for. Give us a call today.

Strong Marketing Techniques

There are a ton of buyers out there who are aware of the numerous purchasing opportunities that exist in today's Real Estate market. The problem is, they don't know how to identify and analyze to ensure they are actually getting a good value. That is where we come in. We are constantly in search of the next great buying prospect and we use proven techniques to evaluate properties. Our ability to locate great real estate deals helps us work well with landlords, cash buyers, Wholesalers and House Flippers, who are always looking to buy property. That gives us the ability the sell your home faster. 

What Sellers Should Know About The Home Appraisal Process


The first thing to know and be prepared for is the fact that an appraisal is a necessary part of selling a home or buying a home when a lender is involved. For lending purposes, the bank will consider the appraised value over the market value. For example, a house might go on the market for $200,000 and a buyer offers $150,000. If the seller agrees, both parties believe that the market value is around $150,000. What the bank will look at, however, is what the appraised value of a house might be, which potentially is a different number. The appraisal makes an educated guesstimate at what the property is worth and often decides what the home would sell for in the worst-case scenario an appraiser determines value by looking at important aspects of the home, such as the square footage and the overall condition of the house. Statistical data, like the number of bathrooms or bedrooms, can also greatly influence an appraisal and as comps in the area. A lender is simply not going to finance a loan without knowing this piece of important information. An appraisal not only helps determine the value of your home; hiring an appraiser gives you direct contact with someone that can help you avoid problems in the future. As a requirement of the bank, one of the best things you can do is understand this process, which is far from glamorous but oh so, important, and prepare for it the best you can. Appraisals are a great way to give you and your lender peace of mind and ensure that everyone is getting a fair deal. An appraisal can potentially change your plans if you aren’t prepared? Often, the appraisal is not scheduled until a contract is signed; prices have already been negotiated and agreed upon. If the appraisal comes back with a completely different figure, the home buying process is derailed. According to the National Association of Realtors, each month about 1 out of every 10 real estate agents reports that low appraisal value damaged a home sale. It is best that you have an accurate picture of what your home could sell for by finding a qualified appraiser in your area before you list a home. A useful site is the Appraisal Institute, where you can search for appraisers in your area. Make sure you find an appraiser that has the right professional certificates. This helps to ensure that the price you are asking is not way out in left field and unrealistic. Additionally, usually the seller is the one who pays for the appraisal at closing, although know that often the buyer enlists one as well. According to the Cost Guide on HomeAdvisor.com, the national average cost for an appraisal by a licensed professional is between $300 and $600 and should require roughly two hours of inspection time to complete.


Reverse Wholesaling The Evolution of Wholesaling

Traditional Real Estate Wholesaling in a Nutshell:


Similar to house flipping, except the time frame is much shorter and no repairs are made to the home before the Wholesaler assigns the contract to and end buyer. A real estate Wholesaler negotiates with a homeowner using a small earnest deposit then puts the home under contract to sell or assign. The Wholesaler then markets the home to their list of potential cash buyers. If an interested buyer is found the Wholesaler assigns the contract to that buyer and they proceed to closing. The problem with old school Wholesaling is that Wholesalers don't always find a buyer in their circle of investors. They must then continue to search for other buyers to purchase the home. That can turn into a lengthy process that does not always conclude within the home owners time line.

At Ray’s the Roof Real Estate Investments, we utilize Reverse Wholesaling. Matching our groups of investors purchasing criteria with motivated sellers properties is much more efficient and effective. We can usually close within 10 - 21 days, with cash. Our objective is to help everyone who is selling or buying a home accomplish their goals, and feel confident they made the best possible decisions for themselves and their families. We adhere to specific due diligence procedures. If our formula determines the numbers will work for everyone involved we proceed. If not we recalculate and offer the best solution we can. In all cases we leave no stones unturned in our efforts to provide our clients with exactly what they want. In most cases we come to mutually satisfactory agreement, and in a few cases we've bowed out gracefully.

Top reasons Reverse Wholesaling is a great strategy

  • Only properties matching investors exact criteria are presented
  • Acquisitions and sales transactions are completed quickly
  • Short holding times reduce cost and eliminate risk
  • No handyman or construction experience needed
  • Maximum return on investments (ROI)