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If you are interested in our services or would like more information the next step is simple. Just send an email to give us a call or submit your the contact information and one of our very helpful trained professionals will get back to you shortly. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to any questions you may have. If you have additional questions, please write them down. We will be happy to discuss everything with you in detail when we speak. Thank you for taking the time to stop by our website. Have an amazing day. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Additional Reasons To Choose Us


In most cases Ray's The Roof REI does not use real estate agents to complete transactions. That eliminates fees associated with using a REALTOR. Often, there is not a substantial difference between our offer and the net cash an owner would receive by listing their property with an agent. When listing with an agent, the owner will generally pay 6% of the sales price in agent fees and 2 to 4% in closing costs. Which can add up to a great deal of money. We usually close on a property within 10 to 21 days. The average time on the market for a house listed with an agent can vary from about 45 to 60 days in our regions, in addition to a 30-day escrow. Our all-cash offers with a fast escrow closings are often a good option for the owner-seller who benefits from a quick sale to cure their financial situation. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What Sellers Should Know About The Home Appraisal Process

The first thing to know and be prepared for is the fact that an appraisal is a necessary part of selling a home or buying a home when a lender is involved. For lending purposes, the bank will consider the appraised value over the market value. For example, a house might go on the market for $200,000 and a buyer offers $150,000. If the seller agrees, both parties believe that the market value is around $150,000. What the bank will look at, however, is what the appraised value of a house might be, which potentially is a different number. The appraisal makes an educated guesstimate at what the property is worth and often decides what the home would sell for in the worst-case scenario an appraiser determines value by looking at important aspects of the home, such as the square footage and the overall condition of the house. Statistical data, like the number of bathrooms or bedrooms, can also greatly influence an appraisal and as comps in the area. A lender is simply not going to finance a loan without knowing this piece of important information.

An appraisal not only helps determine the value of your home; hiring an appraiser gives you direct contact with someone that can help you avoid problems in the future. As a requirement of the bank, one of the best things you can do is understand this process, which is far from glamorous but oh so, important, and prepare for it the best you can. Appraisals are a great way to give you and your lender peace of mind and ensure that everyone is getting a fair deal.

How can an appraisal potentially change your plans if you aren’t prepared? Often, the appraisal is not scheduled until a contract is signed; prices have already been negotiated and agreed upon. If the appraisal comes back with a completely different figure, the home buying process is derailed. According to the National Association of Realtors, each month about 1 out of every 10 real estate agents reports that low appraisal value damaged a home sale. It is best that you have an accurate picture of what your home could sell for by finding a qualified appraiser in your area before you list a home. A useful site is the Appraisal Institute, where you can search for appraisers in your area. Make sure you find an appraiser that has the right professional certificates. This helps to ensure that the price you are asking is not way out in left field and unrealistic. Additionally, usually the seller is the one who pays for the appraisal at closing, although know that often the buyer enlists one as well. According to the Cost Guide on, the national average cost for an appraisal by a licensed professional is between $300 and $600 and should require roughly two hours of inspection time to complete.


Our Core Values

We Treat Our Clients The Way We Want To Be Treated.

  • The advantages of working with us include: 
  • We specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won't touch. 
  • We buy homes in any condition and can provide a unique alternative to listing with an agent or selling on your own. 
  • When we work directly with a seller, we provide a smooth transaction, as well as huge savings on commissions.  
  • We Make Cash Offers                                          
  • We Purchase In As Is Condition 
  • We Close Quickly on Your Timeline 
  • You Don't Pay Us Any Fees or Commissions 

We Give Back

Our 501(C)(3) nonprofit foundation along with the help of Churches, Municipalities, Donors & Volunteers work diligently to provide meals, clothing, shelter and resources to the homeless. click on the button below to visit our other website to see what we are doing and what you can do to help. 

The Homeless Need Our Help

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An Additional Service We Provide

Unclaimed Funds Recovery

During the course of a Real Estate transaction I was asked something I had never been asked before. I requested more details and as soon as the transaction was completed, I began doing research. I learned about a process some government agencies use keep funds that belong to private citizens. I don't like the sound of that and have decided to do something about it. By auditing government agencies around the country searching for unclaimed funds. We then locate the rightful owner of the funds. On on a contingency basis we file the claim, recover your funds and reunite you with them.This is a time sensitive matter since, if after a certain period of time elapses (varies State by State) and a request for disbursement of funds is not received by the agencies holding the funds, the agency gets to keep the funds. Not difficult to figure out why they are not very motivated to locate the rightful owners. There are no out of pocket expenses for you. We cover all expenses related to the claim until it is paid. We're PAID ONLY upon successful collection of your claim. For more details visit